ACP Training Applications Open for 2017

The Australasian College of Phlebology is now accepting applications to our training program for 2016.

The College's training programs are aimed at providing practitioners with the skills required to practice techniques and manage patients within the area of Phlebology, with the highest quality of care.

Structure of the Training Program


For practitioners who wish to complete ONLY the theory component of the online sclerotherapy modules to supplement their clinical experience, the Module Completion Certificate offers an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge. There are no requirements for clinical supervision or end of year examinations.

This certificate does not imply in any way that the college endorses or accredits the clinical skills or practice of the candidate. Candidates may not progress on to the Phlebology Diploma or Fellowship course without completing the full Sclerotherapy Certificate training course.


Successful applicants are required to undergo 10 days of supervised training at an Accredited Training Centre (ATC) during this training year. The allocation to particular ATCs can be facilitated by the College office. Applicants are required to pass the Sclerotherapy Written Examination to be invited to sit for the Clinical Examination in that year. At the successful completion of the examinations and having met all other requirements, the candidate is awarded the title "Certified Sclerotherapist". At this stage, the practitioner can start work in private practice as a "Certified Sclerotherapist". To be eligible to proceed to Diploma Phlebology Training, trainees must have successfully completed the Sclerotherapy Training Program.


Through the Diploma, trainees acquire skills and a broad knowledge of the theory and practice of phlebology and the basic sciences underpinning them to perform more advanced procedures such as ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and endovenous ablation.

Successful completion of the Sclerotherapy Certification is a prerequisite to enter the Diploma.


The purpose of Fellowship Training is to build on existing skills so that trainees acquire a broad knowledge of the theory and practice of phlebology and the basic sciences underpinning them. During Fellowship Training, trainees acquire skills in the treatment of more complex phlebological conditions such as venous thromboembolism and vascular malformations. Those who pass both the written and clinical Fellowship Examinations and satisfy all other requirements of the training program will be awarded Fellowship of the Australasian College of Phlebology and entitled to use the title "Phlebologist".

For further information or a copy of the application form please contact the College Administration Assistant on +61 2 9386 1811 or

Applications close 13 November 2016